Roe Wilson 2

Roe Wilson

I am not the woman I used to be. Not because of the weight I’ve lost but because of the positive life changes. I have learned some HUGE lessons on health. Health isn’t a number on the scale!

I am now much more focused on managing my weight to control my blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol through nourishing food choices and regular exercise. In 1998, I became a cardio queen when I trained for and completed my first marathon (21.6 miles).  Fourteen marathons later, I formed one of the most meaningful partnerships of my life.  In May of 2016, I joined ranks with Neal Stokes, who is my personal trainer, life coach and health and fitness champion!

Working with Neal, I learned that cardio alone isn’t going to cut it and not all foods are created equal. When I started doing strength and flexibility training with Neal is when I really saw changes in my weight and body.  I am now stronger and leaner, and I have tone and definition.  As I approach the 65th year of my life, I believe this is the best I have ever felt in a mighty long time! I am truly grateful!


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